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BTDT. I opted to use the existing hole in the frame to fish a new bolt into place.

Here's what I did..
- Take a rectangular piece of flat bar and drilled a hole it it for the bolt
- Weld the bolt head ot the flat stock.
- Take a short, thin, stiff piece of wire and poke one end of the wire through the bolt hole. Work it until it sticks out the hole in the side of the frame.
- Wrap the wire around the end of the bolt and drag it through the frame and out the hole.

Now you've got a bolt that won't spin in the frame and you haven't made swiss cheese out of your frame rail. You also don't need to worry about torching your gas tank

Jon B.
'82 CJ7 Some mods (Hers)
'82 CJ7 More mods (His)
'02 Chev 3500 LT D/A
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