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Hi there.
I know a lot of the people here prefer the smaller vehicles, (for obvious reasons like maneuverability and mileage), but I'm thinking of building up a 4x4 and I'd like to do it with a Dodge RamCharger.
I had one many years a go, and loved it.

I thought about a newer Jeep, but even though I love my Chrysler products, I'm afraid that Chrysler Canada has left a sour taste in my mouth from my last Jeep experience. (I won't say anymore here, but if anyone would like the facts, email me)

Besides all the problems I can think of:
Pig on gas
Hard to find parts for older vehicles
Large and clumsy
Hard to maneuver
Going to be difficult to find a good body to start with

That's what I can think of, and no, I'm not rich, I just really like the trucks.

This is going to be a long term project, and it won't be starting until after I get moved to Kelowna (6 months).

Can anyone give me any shattering reasons why this just isn't a good idea.

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