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buying tools

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where's a good place to get a floor jack, some jack stands, engine stand. i've already checked out Canadian Tire/ Lordco, just looking for other shops you guys like to do business with.

also, what are some good specs. on those items i should be looking for? such as load limits etc..


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Princess Auto in Langley. They are a farm equipment store, but have alot of stuff that is good for us 4xers. Like the stuff you mentioned and other stuff. Carefull, not many of us can go in there and not fill our truck up...


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I'll second princess auto. Generally, dropping by there for no reason at all costs me $50-$100.

Another good place for tools is Midland Liqudation on kingsway, one block west of victoria drive.
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if you dont like the quality of tools at princess auto (some stuff is a really good deal, other stuff made really cheap) try KMS TOOLS just off louheed hwy.

Get your floor jack at KMS, they carry brand name stuff, average is $100 for a floor jack, get a Wilmar or similiar quality. You dont want a Power Fist brand floor jack, if you want tools cheap, you end up with cheap tools.

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thanks for the tip Dan.

1988 YJ Laredo
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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