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Im swapping cabs now (87 onto 85 but both EFI)and its not that hard just time consuming . (ie I got sidetracked by school). If its an 87 cab it will work but since its Carburated you will need to put a hole in the top right hand side of your dash for your EFI wiring harness, look on your 85 on your passenger side and you will see it, just use the same rubber boot.

You will also need to trim 1 1/2" or 2" on your shifter hole, cant remember right now either forward or back. This is because the Tranny's are different lengths, thus you will need to trim. Dont worry about it though. When you put your shifter boots back on you will just need to pop rivet a little sheetmetal to the open side and cover with your carpet or rubber flooring.

As for the wiring harness it may be overkill on my part but I took white electrical tape and a permanent black marker and labelled EVERYTHING. But when you put the wiring harness back in the cab and engine compartment it will also just kinda fall into the old position, also all the plugs on the harness will only fit in ONE location as they are all different. But do get a factory manual if you can, Im borrowing a friends and its a lifesaver with some of the wiring and vacuum hoses.

Sorry for the long post, hope this kinda helps.
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