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OK just slapped on a reman'd carb and here I am now.
1 - there is NO (at least none noticeable) vacuum at the carb (at idle of 600rpm) ... as in I unplug the vacuum lines and there is NO change at all. the dizy line has no effect what so ever...
2 - if I unplug a manifold vacuum line (one for brakes and one that's capped off< this is the one I unplugged) it actually ups the idle considerably ...
3 - when I timed the engine at 10* it ran worse than at 8* and if I went further it ran at a higher idle.
4 - when it's warm the choke is only open about 1/4" or so (maybe a bit more)
This is on an EARLY Carter YF on a 300-6 with only two vacuum ports one up one low, an idle mixture screw and an idle screw as the only adjusting screws (could be wrong on terminology) and of course the choke.
ANY help on this is appreciated.

81 Bronco 33s
92 YJ 31s
84 Bronchial spasm
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