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Hey, without welding it up, is there a way to make the stock Gov-lock(or whatever it's called) lock solid?? I'm gonna take it apart soon, but I was also wondering if it has a clutch pack in it? Anyone know about these things that can give me some insite??

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Yes, it's a clutch posi with a governor - hence gov-lock - so that it will only engage at slow speeds (???)

Anyway.... They are known for breaking when worked hard. Back when I worked in auto-wrecking, Police dog-wagons - 1/2-ton Burbs, Tahoes, and Yukons would routinely puke the gov-lock out between 60-70,000km. 10-bolt rear ends were big business to say the least.

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I just wanted to see if I could make it engage full time. I figured if they had clutch packs, that there would still be some give for cornering ect.
Thanks for the input, you've given me somewhere to start. I don't care if it's gonna be hard on it, as I have a 12bolt ready to build, or may get a 14bolt semi-floater. I just want something for now but don't wanna put much(if any) cash into the 10bolt.
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