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I moved to the Vancouver area around 1.5 years ago and quickly transformed from a city boi into a guy who spends most of his free time in the mountains. The next logical step is getting a proper vehicle to get me to the places I cannot reach with my current car. Help me figure out what to get.

My budget is 10K, and I want a truck that can be used both for daily commuting and going on forest service roads and mild off-road. I was thinking about keeping a current car for driving to work and getting a cheaper truck just for off-roading but this will be problematic due to limited parking space and insurance costs.
I am thinking about getting a stock 3rd gen 4Runner. In my mind, this will be a perfect option both for city driving and accidental light off-roading. As I imagine, I won't need AT tires, a suspension lift, a winch, etc. unless I decide to get into rock crawling or serious off-roading. Let me know if I'm dead wrong.

Also, what are the essential things to consider when getting a truck? I know that 4Runners should be thoroughly checked for frame rust. What else could be crucial? Is an e-locker a must-have?
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