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All this stuff is in really great shape (off 1995 YJ)....

chrome grill:
I have a chrome grill that I want to get rid of. The problem is when I do I will need to replace the headlight bezels. So.... If you or anyone else wants this grill (and bezels obviously) all you need to do is find me two dark green headlight bezels. And buy me a case of beer! That's it.

chrome bumperettes:
2, count 'em, two chrome bumperettes. 1 pair, bolts and all. $115 from Gemini. Bids??

chrome bumper:
There's a catch with this one: I can't get rid of it just yet. But who ever claims it can prolly have it by the end of the month. Maybe even a week or so, you might even be able to put it under your tree. National wants over $230. Bids??

chrome mirrors:
They are the windshield mount (CJ) style ones, great for doorless summer driving. Ok, basically I just want the balck versions of these, and I will simply refinish them if no one is ineterested in a trade. But if you give me your black ones, and a case of beer, they're yours.

Reply or email me: [email protected]


-'95 YJ
-dying to build, need cash

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