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CJ5 - Front Axle Swap

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Anyone have any advice for doing a front axle upgrade from a 27A to a 30 for a 66' CJ5? Also any advise on what to look for when hunting down the new axle?
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I would look for a Dana 30 with Disk's. My '76 Dana 30 had drums and swapping to GM calipers/backing plates from a '77 blazer with Scout rotors/hubs made a big difference in stopping power after driving though deep mud/water.

The disk brakes were an option in 76 and standard after. I believe the 77 - 78 are more desireable as they have a thicker rotor and stronger 6 bolt hubs.

There would be one advantage to getting a dana30/44 set from a 72-75 CJ as they came with 3.73's and flanged axles on the rear. It is relatively cheap to convert to disk's if you go the GM route as I did.

I have a narrow track Dana 30 front and AMC 20 with 3.54's out of a 78 CJ that I will be selling but I'm over on Vancouver Island so that's probably out of the question.

Check out the links below for more info,

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What are the widths of the axles from your 78? Are their disc brakes on the front? How are they mechanically? How Much?
They are the narrow track, around 53". They drive fine, no noise from the gears. $400 obo for the pair.
I also have a dana20 t/c which has centered rear output, if your jeep has the Dana 18 t/c your rearend probably has the pumpkin on the passenger side.
Be aware of the spring pad width changes after 1975 You may want to bee prepared to cut and remount the perches from anything post 76. I am not sure if 72-75 is the same width as yours. I believe the pumpkin is on the same side on all D30 from Jeeps. Good news is if you find the 72-75 D30 just grab the discs from a disc equipped 30. Take them off with the knuckles as an assembly. I don't think the early knuckles have mounts for the calipers.

Remember 72-75 D30's came with 11 inch brake drums, better than your 27 setup if you don't want the extra expense

Happy shopping

75 CJ5, Flintstone floorboards,dents, lumberwagon suspension, 31 muds, Warn 8000. In otherwords...Stock
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