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Clear(cut) Creek

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Went to Clear Creek yesterday just for the hell of it. Since I hadn't been there in a few months I thought it would be fun to go play on the tidbits of old trail that still existed. When we were last up there they had left the two best parts of the trail open for us to warm up to a soak in the tubs. Not so anymore. Now the only section of remaining trail open is the lower section, the upper is trapped and baricaded. The tubs however are busier than ever and there is someone living in a trailer 100 yards short of the springs.

I remember four or five years ago when fisheries had the trail closed due to the many water crossings that created a silt problem for their precious fishies, that I have still never seen, in Clear Creek. Yet the road that they just built is so soggy, and with no silt traps that I could see, that there is no way on this earth that our twelve water crossings caused anywhere near the damage to Clear Creek that this latest logging project has done. The top soil and silt just runs right into the creek, unrestricted.

ps. thanks for keeping your promise to keep as much as possible of the old trail available to us. Ass Holes.

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The road silting violations are violations of the Forest Practices Code, so it is a MoF problem, not a Fisheries problem. Call up the MoF and give them an earful. It sickens me as to how much logging companies and the MoF don't listen unless you get in their face. I would try to raise a stink with Pretty's Timber as well... I think they are the guys who have the cutting rights in that area.

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