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I am looking to get a complete geared, locked, 3rd member diff.
This is what i have currently
Drivetrain: Acme flywheel with Marlin Crawler HD toyota clutch. Clutch is for an 85 toyota 4cyl 2.4 engine. New clutch master and slave cylinder from Marlin Crawler (converted from cable to hydro clutch). Toyota w56 5 speed transmission from 85 toyota 4cyl 4x4. Marlin Crawler mc07r10 dual case adapter. Rear case clocked 10* for better ground clearance. Stock 2.28 gears in reduction box and and 23 spline Marlin Crawler 4.7 gears in rear case. Toyota driveshafts, 2 piece CV front shaft, single rear. 85 Toyota axles, 4.1 gears, open diffs. Advanced Adapters engine mounts and transfer case mounts. Front Range Off Road toy t-case ring mount.
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