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Custom built off-road camping machine for sale! Get out to the woods in style and get the camping experience without being impeded by rough trails or FSRs. You won’t be able to stop at a gas station without people asking you about it..

Spent about 5 years planning this build before starting, and then a couple of years to get it outfitted completely. It is rugged. It is rustic. It is tough! Started with jeep wheels & tires and heavy duty axle and went from there. We wanted something you could go down a FSR at the same speed you would without a camper, and get into tight awkward 4x4 spots. So lightweight we could even move it around a campsite on a 1984 honda trike!

Built on a heavy duty axle with lifted springs
BFG A/T tires
Jeep wheels
Steel frame custom welded by a professional trailer builder to my spec.
Plywood wrapped frame with fiberglass around all joints.
Heavy duty deck coat paint

Power Source
2 * Trojan 6 volt golf batteries
Small solar panel
Charges from your 7 pin truck connector while driving
Under camper on board water tank (15 or 20 gallon - I forget honestly!)

On-board propane with outlet in the outdoor kitchen for the coleman stove, and a feed inside the camper (not for use while you are inside or sleeping of course). Only to dry gear out or heat it up.

Rubber diamond plate flooring for easy cleaning
Storage Shelf
Small storage rack for tubs for inside stuff
4” queen sized memory foam mattress that folds into a couch.
Nice headboard you can sit against in the morning
12 volt lights
Usb plugs from charging
Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detector
Fire extinguisher

Rear hatch and kitchen sink that open in seconds to have you instantly sheltered and cooking with running water (only cold).
Small hose for spraying stuff down
Coleman stove off camper propane tank
Paper plate dispenser
Paper towel holder
Small BT stereo
Magnetic knife rack
USB Plugs
Inverter plug for 120v in the kitchen if need be
Zodi propane outdoor shower

Outdoor Area
RV Mat
Full length awning (manual)
Camp ground light

Rhino Ramps
Gas can holder + gas cans * 2
Full size spare
Hi lift jack
Storage tarp (always stored under it, recommend you do too)
Large axe
Put your camping tubs in rear hatch while driving

If you don’t own a drill, or know the basics of how trailers and 12 volt work it probably isn’t the camper for you. It’s for a handy person who understands what a ‘labour of love is’ - and you will have an amazing time, not just using it, but modifying it to your specific needs. This is a homebuilt camper with professional help on the welding. We’ve changed things every year as our needs change. Simply built so you can customize.

Had some amazing cozy nights in this rig over the past 6 years. Sorry to have to sell it, but my family has outgrown it in numbers. Perfect for 2 or 2 + a small dog. I’ll have a tear rolling down my face as you rip past me in the new store-bought RV and i am speed restricted to 10km/h and you laugh your face off blasting by us.

No low ballers. No tire kickers. Not a desperate seller. Looking for a good home for the coolest thing I’ve ever designed, that will enjoy it and USE IT!!

Please text 604-763-5825 to come view (in North vancouver)
4x4 off-road offroad camper travel trailer

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