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Hi Gang,

I searched but didn't see a recent post about the District of Mission survey regarding the "Mission Interpretive Forest", which is basically the West Stave Lake area.

District of Mission said:
Mission Interpretive Forest

Mission has exciting plans for new recreation opportunities for its residents and visitors – to be able to explore the beautiful mountains, forests and lakes on the west side of Stave Lake! We are in the planning phases of developing a comprehensive recreation plan so that we can provide safe, family friendly and affordable outdoor experiences, rustic camping opportunities, forest and cultural interpretation, and enable multi-user activities to occur within the Municipal Forest.

This project is a partnership with First Nations communities, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, North Fraser Investment Pilot Project, Fraser Valley Regional District, Experience the Fraser, Mission Tourism Committee, and various recreation user groups.

This MAP will show you an overview satelitte image map of potential recreation opportunities and areas currently used.

We would value your input in describing how you currently use the area or would like to use the area as plans move forward. Please provide your comments in this survey by clicking on this link.

*This survey will be open until April 15, 2012.*

Background: In 2011, the Province of BC granted “Interpretive Forest” status, within the Municipal Forest (Tree Farm Licence 26) to assist in the planning and development of enhanced recreation opportunities, which will assist in protecting our forests, water and environment from damage by irresponsible use of the landbase.

Please get on this! You have until April 15 to indicate your usage of this area... I guarantee the leaf-lickers have all voted for non-motorized use and have checked off the "confict with motorized recreation" boxes. I encourage everyone to check the appropriate boxes for four-wheeling use (and if you could also check the box for "ATV use" I'd appreciate it!). If the District doesn't see enough "motorized" participants, I worry that we could get left out. A quick read of the survey shows that they are considering all sorts of "improvements" and "amenities" that we really don't need in that area, as it will definitely increase the amount of 2wd traffic. My comment was "None of the above - leave it as is."

Here's the direct link to the survey:


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Survey Completed, stood up for the 4x4 owners, fishers/hunters and target shooters.

We have very little places we can go to have fun that aren't hours away.

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poll closes in 9 days, keep voting

tell the district of mission you want a 4x4 trail system built up there and a safe parking area for trailers and trucks/campers

Following in the footprints of BC's history
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Done. Definitely sounds like they're trolling to push us out of there pretty hardcore. LR

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Done. Definitely sounds like they're trolling to push us out of there pretty hardcore. LR

push us out, no.

the city of mission is well aware of what goes on at stave lake ( the illegal stuff ), they also know about the amount of people go up there to use dirt bikes, qauds, and 4x4 / buggys, etc...

back in 2009 this project came to light and the city of mission along with other associations like site and trail BC ( front counter BC ) counted the amount of users who used the area and started thinking about how a profit could be turned and also to increase safety for the area of the users and that of the impending Tim Hortons Kids camp to the north of stave that started this whole project.

Kim ( President of the 4wdabc ) and the rest of the 4WDABC are working with a wide range of people to gain input and suggestions to make the area enjoyable for all wheelers, from buggy owners to guys with toyotas/jeeps or whatever.


here are the quick points for the lazy:

key notes:

The following actions are recommended in order to control access, reduce rowdyism, enhance
wholesome forest recreation opportunities and assist in the diversification of Mission’s economy:

1. Create Comprehensive Management Plan and Business Plans.
2. Secure funding through a range of government, non-profit and for-profit organizations.
3. Designate the west side of TFL 26 as a Recreation Site.
4. Enter in to a Partnership Agreement with the MoTCA.
5. Install a Recreation Gatehouse at the south end of Florence Road.
6. Develop campgrounds and a network of trails.
7. Enter in to a Partnership Agreement with BC Hydro for the operation of the Stave Lake
boat launch.

Active User Groups
Stave River Salmonid Enhancement Society
Four Wheel Drive Association of BC (www.4wdabc.ca)
Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association (www.fvmba.com)
Back Country Horsemen of BC (www.bchorsemen.org)
Mission Rod & Gun Club (www.missionrodandgun.com)
Local Snowmobile Club
Haney Horsemen

Interested User Groups
Rock crawling (www.crawlinbc.com)
Dual Sport BC

There are many conflicts between different user groups that presently use the TFL. As the first
un-gated access to Crown Land east of Vancouver, the area is extremely popular with four
wheelers and many users feel a certain degree of ownership - that it is their “own backyard.”

The provision of a safe place for parking is not only of interest to users, but also to
ICBC who pays insurance claims that can be directly attributed to illegal activity in the TFL.

One of the considerations in assessing the potential market is how users would feel about paying
a fee to enter and/ or camp in the TFL. In the 2008 TFL User Survey, 73% of respondents said
that they would consider paying user fees to enjoy their recreational activities in an improved,
maintained and safe recreation area. The majority of survey respondents felt that a user fee was
justified as long as the users could see the benefits in a safe
and well maintained area.

Three campgrounds are proposed: one at Devil’s Lake (vehicle), one at Sayres Lake
(vehicle) and one at Morgan Lake (hike-in). Sayres Lake would be the easiest lake at
which to create campgrounds because it is already part of an existing Recreation Site.
Additional potential campsites could be in proximity to the mud flat area at Rocky Point
(possibly in conjunction with a kayak rental), a group campsite at the south end of Sayres
Lake and camping at Rockwell Delta, both on the bluff and near the lake. There is also
potential in time for RV camping along Stave Lake.

Additional recreational activities that are identified on the Recreation Zoning Plan include
fishing, hiking trail destinations, locations to drive off-road vehicles, and locations for
winter activities.

Proposed revenue includes Recreation Gatehouse fees and
Campground fees. Grants include government-sponsored programs and grants from ICBC, nonprofit
organizations and grants in-kind from some of the user groups

The Gatehouse will require staffing to monitor traffic, collect fees and inform the public of
recreational activity opportunities and the regulations in place to manage the area. The
gate would be manned by 1 staff 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, and 1 additional staff
during busy summer months (1/3 of the year).

All vehicles would pay: $10/ day starting in Year 2. This would increase to $12/ day at
Year 5, with another rise at Year 10. Passes would be offered, allowing discounted day
use fees.

Additional Gatehouse funding is possible from volunteer contributions and assistance
from organized user groups including the Stave Salmon Enhancement Society, 4x4 club,
ATV club, snowmobile club, Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association and others. At the
Open House these user groups were eager to assist. The groups could assist in raising
funds, installation of infrastructure, monitoring the site and clean up of areas when

Monitor Recreational Activities
Monitor the TFL year-round, with additional monitoring during summer months. Security
of the TFL will be an essential component of services provided

Develop additional recreational opportunities
Develop trails for mountain biking, equestrian and hiking. Create a mountain bike skills
park. ( 4x4 trails as well )

Develop a signage program
A coordinated signage program should be developed. It should include zoning of
recreation types (e.g. multi-use vs. non-motorized zones) and clear wayfinding signage –
locations of day use areas, campgrounds, trails etc. The MoTCA has signage standards
that should be used in conjunction with the District’s standards

Council member / Board member – COMMENTS

- Rod & Gun Club very supportive. They suggest firearms ban altogether from this area.
Don’t want hunting ban. Specify where we zone.

-ATV’s – not a lot of places for them to go (lots of sales in this industry) Motorized opportunities – 25,000 quads in lower mainland with nowhere to go. Safety,
day trips – best location.
􀂾 non-motorized users – hikers, horsemen, trail runners.

-Parking – people want a safe place to park their vehicles

-ORV (Outdoor Recreation Vehicle) areas in Bear Creek, Kelowna – we need ORV area
close by.

Could enter partnership agreement with 4 wheel drive association. Tread lightly
program, clean up.

-Establishments – trails within forestry

-Synergy with user groups – 4x4, ATV etc. (they don’t want bad apples either)

-ATV problems – would be nice to work with organized club.

-Gatehouse- will reduce 90% of vandalism.

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got er done just prayin for us wheeler's atv'ers hunter's fisherman and the general outdoors man

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After being up Stave today I am sure the place will eventually be closed to all of us. At the gravel pit just up from the bogs there was probably 2000 (no exaggeration) fresh, empty shotgun shells. Along with a whole slew of shot to hell TVs and kids furniture. Not to mention the 20 gallons of used motor oil leaking out of buckets. With no room in my vehicle I cleaned up what I could, but left feeling no hope for the area.

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i get what you mean i pulled a whole bunch of garbage out of jones lake today in my truck from the areas i could get at without to much snow its horrible people need to learn to (pack out what you pack in) and canadian tire has a free oil drop off for theclowns that would bring that up there to ruin our enviroment even worse than it is
and a great thanks for doin your part in helpin keep our enviroment clean

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ultimately the only feasible cure is to close areas off completely. this is what comes along with population growth and government controls causing a general lack of responsibility in the general public. any other solution costs government money which causes a public backlash because the majority of people couldn't care less if they had access to these areas.

this is why you do what you can to take part in organized clean ups and stay quiet about what is happening so the people with the ability to close these areas off hear as little as possible about the mess.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T CONTACT THE MEDIA! they love these kinds of stories and do nothing to help the situation. they will also be right there to report on the heroes that put up barriers to these areas. if you want to go somewhere clean and organized, pick a local park in your neighbourhood to complain about.

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I contributed to that poll a while ago. It is very important that people take 5 minutes and contribute as well. There needs to be control and accountability for the area. I am glad to see all the user groups coming together as a collective and hammering something out with government. Loooong over do IMO.
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