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And all the plastic is recyclable too
did you notice it is built on a dakota frame...no thanks...maybe if it was built on a W3500 Chassis...oh well it looks cool!

How about this power wagon, comes with stock 37's!!! http://www.econ.lsa.umich.edu/~msrimler/naias/pwr_wag2.jpg


Shopping List...
15"x8" wheels 5x5.5" BCD
[email protected]

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The power wagon was actually supposed to be produced in 2004, but Chrysler has axed all it's plans for new vehicles. It is over 7' tall stock. has leather seats, real wood trim inside. A hard wood bed, and a power tail gate. It sounded like it would be fairly capable, but it is a little fancy to take off the pavement.

Coquitlam Crawlers
1974 Dodge W100 Power Wagon BROKEN :(
Looks beaten up but it's fun.
360 V8, TF-727, NP-205, D44 front, chrysler 8 3/4" rear with detroit locker
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