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This post is an automated RSS feed from the 4WDABC Site:

On Friday, the City of Coquitlam issued this update, which appears to summarize the meeting held earlier in the week.


Things are coming along and good news to report.

BCTC (BC Transmission Corporation) has started construction of the barrier to the Hydro Right of Way. The legal notice is being posted today, and the Section 58 restrictions for the Managed Area are now enforceable by RCMP. The access road has been removed from the managed area and we have gotten approval from the Golf Course for a public right of way. It will take about a month to formalize that agreement. We have a verbal ok to use the road in the meantime, so please be respectful of our Golf Course and BCTC neighbours. The City will be administering a formal key and sticker program shortly which will be available to all users. This may include a deposit, waiver and responsible user information handout. That too will take a little time to get in place. In the meantime:

The gate is locked and posted with a City contact number. Any public that wants access to the green gate on the maintenance road (off Plateau Boulevard) should contact the City of Coquitlam Customer Service at 604-927-3500. This number is answered around the clock.

All callers will be told that:

*A key can be picked up the City’s Service Centre on Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm. We are located at 500 Mariner Way, Coquitlam, BC.
* The gate must be locked after entry to prevent unauthorized access.
* If you get stuck behind the gate, please call the Customer Service number on the sign posted on the gate. Do not trespass on Golf Course property or the managed area.

Please do not park or unload vehicles inside the gate. If necessary, unload and leave any transport vehicles on the shoulder of the public access road before entering. Be aware of BCTC barrier construction and do not block access for their work. If you have been unloading at another location (dirt bikes, atv’s) without complaints, then it would be preferable that you continue to do so rather than at this location.

Once the formal key program is in place, the lock will be changed and you will be required to get a new key through the program for access. It is preferred if we can keep the traffic and key dispersal to a minimum at this time until we can get things in order.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Melony Burton AScT
Engineering Technologist
City of Coquitlam
Infrastructure Management
[email protected]
P: 604-927-6313
F: 604-927-6229

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