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From my archives of old mailing list stuff I found useful:
Disk Brakes; D30 & 71-75 Bronco D44

At the Junkyard pick up some 72-76 Chevy D44 spindles, calipers, and caliper brakets. Make sure they have the 6 bolt pattern, not
the 5 for the knuckle. Then you'll need D44 hub and rotors, just like the F150 stuff. Bearings, seals, flex hose, and your about

Another option is to take everything from the knuckles out, off a F150 including the tierods. I havent done this???
Kevin Lackey added;
I have the parts available including the brackets.
The break down is as follows.
> > > > 77 Bronco hub / rotor assembly $99.00 (each)
> > > > 72 - 76 Chevy Disk Brake calliper $25.00 (each) + $10.00 core
> > > > 72-73 Chevy 1/2 ton 4X4 d44 bracket $45.00 (pair, used cleaned up and primered)
> > > > Bendix D 52 brake pads lifetime warranty $39.00 (pair metalic)
> > > > I have the spindle available now since, JC whitney no longer carries them. The spinldes are $99.00 each.
There are some seals and bearings also needed for this swap, plus new brake lines from the chevy.
J. Strube wrote;
There are some things I learned while doing the Chevy swap. One is that the 72-76 Chevy 1/2 ton, Blazer and Jeep Wagoneer and
Cherokee all share the same parts. The Jeeps were easier to find in my local yard. In 77, they changed the diameter of the
spindles, so they will not work. Actually, it was a mid year change, so some will, but I looked for earlier ones.
You can get the backing plates and calipers off of all of the above vehicles. The calipers are easy to rebuild, use compressed air
to disassemble, it does not take much pressure, I used 30 psi. keep fingers away. the kit is about $1.50 ea.

Since Autozone sells hub/rotor/stud/bearing race assemblies, made in Canada for only $75, there is no reason to search out a used
hub, the yard will probably want a first born for it anyway. Local, they wanted $125!!!! (put down the crack pipe buddy)

get the old bolts and sliders. new sliders may or may not be the same length. I got all new soft parts, but the sliders were
short, and for the hex key type. my bolts were with regular heads, one less specialty tool to carry. I got them on a 74 I think.

I used braided Earl's stainless steel stuff. The thread on the banjo bolt was 7/16-20, and I got 13" pre-made -4 hoses. I also
bought the ends seperately, one was the inverted flare with a slide on clip like OEM, and the other was the banjo side. Get the new
bolts, they are a different length. I actually bought Earl's first, then found that the 7/16-24 bolt was wrong, so had to trade for
ABBCO or something like that, it is roundy round stuff. I also used ABBCO bolts, as the banjo piece was slightly different, it was
thicker than the Earl's. You don't want the bolt to bottom out or be too short, so don't mix brands here. These mated just fine
with the stock hard line and mount, after sectioning it to clear the front shock mounts, which I had to do anyway, because of the
Protofab front hoops. The cost for the Earl's stuff is within $5-10 total of the rubber stuff, and you can customize the length.
Use only pre-crimped hoses though, from the factory.

-4 AN female swivel both ends size 4 hose, 13" long 64191913
I would make sure the 13" works for your application, I thought it gave me the best flex, without kinking. It is much shorter than
the Chevy hose, which is about 18".

-4 to 3/8-24 FEM. I.F. (goes to hard line) 989532
Napa p/n 80742 for the clips that hold p/n 989532 to the axle bracket. (Thanks ToddZ.)
-4 7/16 hole Banjo (must use Earl's Banjo Bolt) 997604
7/16-20 Banjo Bolt, Single (includes crush washers) 977504

I used the bolt and washer, as I did not get the Chevy outer axles. When stripping the spindles at the yard, check for improper
disassembly prior, some goons use screwdrivers and fud up the threads. Keep the inner nuts, you never know when you might need an
John Strube

Todd Z wrote;
> The correct Earl's banjo bolt for the Chevy calipers is p/n 977504.
> Another neat Earl's alternative for the front hoses is to use a set of
> their new Hyperfirm DOT legal hoses they introduced about a year ago.
> You can get some that have a 3/8-24 SAE female end on them on the i.d.
> and threads and a jam nut on the o.d. The threaded piece with a jam nut
> is a nice way to attach the hose to the axle bracket as opposed to the
> old slide clip method. About the only way to get these hoses is through
> mail order(I like Baker, www.bakerprecision.com), but like John noted,
> they're only a few $$ more than the stock rubber stuff.

> BTW, a bit of a retraction on some Earl's info I posted a few days back.
I posted the #'s for some Earl's Hyperfirm premade lines that fit the
EB/Chevy conversion setup real well. I put the lines on a few nights ago
and both leaked like a sieve at the same spot. So.....I'd recommend
doing like John Strube did(and what I now have)and just use the -3 lines
with the banjo fitting on one end and the -3/3/8-24 adapter on the other
end w/clips. The setup is even cheaper than the stock rubber hoses!

Todd Z.
Ya I got sump'n to add, the hub /rotors can be used as new as '96. There
are 2 different backing plates from cheby, you want the heavy duty one
that is almost a complete round, the other is a thin backing plate. Both
will work but get the beefy one because.
Max Wood
Richard White has some great pictures, of what Max is talking about at: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1172/disc.htm
The Chevy disc swap seems to be a fashionable topic again, so I put a write up on my swap online. It outlines the basic steps once
you have parts in hand. http://members.xoom.com/DanNewberry/Home.htm
Dan Newberry
Gordon Bishop wrote:
The banjo bolts were 7/16 in 76, then they went to 10 millimeter in 79. Make sure you
have the 76 calipers.
Let me add, again, that you can use later model calipers with this swap.
I'm using '90 calipers with a '75 backing plates and spindles. You will
need the newer banjo bolt and brake line with the caliper. The brake line
has a nice piece of hard line on it (cheaper too) I have a pic of it
somewhere on my site.

Redding, CA


I'm on my way to impact, Taste the high speed dirt!
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