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Hi, I am a UK member and a group of friends and I are coming to Squamish in July to hike the Elaho to Meager creek traverse trail if we can. Its not been done for 4 years as far as we know.
We will be accessing the start of the hike at Cessna creek in the Elaho valley which is where the FSR ends. The FSR is about 75 km long from where it starts 20 km from the highway at Brackendale, Squamish. We set out on the 6th July and aim to be in the Pemberton valley by the 10th July.
I'm looking for a 4x4 enthusiast who would enjoy taking 4 of us up the FSR to the start of our hike and possibly also recovering us from the FSR in the Pemberton valley near Meager creek (the first gate should be open in July and the second gate which is locked closed is very near the end of the hike).
We would of course cover all the expenses and make a financial contribution to cover the wear and tear expenses of the 4x4. We would also really enjoy sharing part of our adventure with you.
Thanks for reading this post!
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