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I have access to a free 1979 Chevrolet 3.3L (i think) V6 and turbo 350 out of my father's Malibu Classic. He swapped in a 350 5 speed, so he no longer needs the engine. The car was bought of the orginal owner last year with only 50,000kms on the odometer (~30,000 miles) and the engine and tranny run like a top. I know the eninges mounts are similar to other Chev swaps, but my questions are:

(1) What do I have to do to the output shaft of the TH350 to make it work with a transfer case, and what case should I use? ( If the output shaft can be swapped.

(2) I have some reservations about carb'd trucks. Is there stuff that can be done to the existing carb to make it work better at angles? Is there a replacement carb out there that is specifically made for angles/offroading.

(3) He also has a mid 80's T5 tranny from a V6 Camaro, can this be used as well. Need output shaft changes?

Any help would be appreciated.

87 runner, 4500 lbs dry, auto tranny, 22RE, very slow on hills, flats and downhills....
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