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Even more rust under the carpets of my K5

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Man i tseems like every single time i take something out of my truck to see what kind of shape it's in underneath, i find more damn rust??? what's the easiest way to patch all of this rust, so it will either permanently kill it or atleast slow it way down. People say Toyota's are bad for rusting?? my last toyota had half the rust of this 85 blazer and it was 4years older and driven one heck of alot harder? Today i removed the rear panels off the box sides and surprise yet again more rust?? so now i'm up to the boz having holes in it, tailgate being toast, and inner box sides being rusted out pretty good?? yet the cab has nothing?? how should i go about repairing this in the best and most cheap way to do it?? I will be boxlining the interior then custom carpeting everything

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I took an angle grinder to the back of my blazer which was rusting and bought a big can of Tremclad. I wanted to get a nice coat down before i put on a bedliner. THe back looks pretty nice now. I have some under body rust I'll probably cut out and just JBWeld some sheet metal or something in.

If you guys are looking for body parts, check out JKL Automotive in Maply Ridge. They're a chevy truck/blazer/burban graveyard, i think they get most of em from icbc.

Anyways, good luck
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