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It's really very simple to make these units last a lot longer.

1...The whole structure should be mounted on beams, think "foundation" 4x4 at LEAST, 6x6 is better. The beams should be stabilized by stakes driven beside them to prevent the structure from shifting in the wind.
2...Seal all gaps. If the wind get's "inside" the tent will pop like a balloon.
3...STAKES...Lots and lots of STAKES. LONG stakes driven DEEP at 45 degrees.
4...All panels between posts can be reenforced with cables or rope or even plywood. Don't forget the roof too for snow load issues.
5...TIGHT cables joining corners stiffen the structure nicely.
6...REMOVE ALL SNOW, ALL OF THE TIME...AS FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE DURING SNOWFALLS. Don't let the snow pile up against the sides either! That will cause your tent to become a lean-to. (not good)
7...This is the one people don't think of. SHADE the unit with tarps BEFORE it becomes UV damaged. Tarps are cheap while your envelope is not. Let the TARP absorb all that damaging UV and get replaced every 3-6 years while leaving a nearly perfect envelope! Most people wait until the envelope is UV damaged before doing this simple thing.
My unit (26x14 Costco with skylight) is installed right next to my house and is shaded from the wind and sun on two sides (back and 1/2 of the right side) by the house and the rest either has a tarp directly on the surface of the envelope or shaded from above by another tarp. I remove the tarps in the fall after the UV index is reasonable and the wind is more likely to be an issue and put them back up in the spring when UV protection is most important. I expect this unit to last 20 years or more with this treatment. My structure has a raised floor, plywood interior walls and roof, fluorescent lighting and is heated and ventilated.

When the envelope finally packs it in I will simply replace it with tarps. Not a lot of work, cheap, simple and no worse looking than any blank windowless envelope.
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