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Come on were leaving in about 40 minutes, every one should come, we'll be up all day come meat us.

94 ZJ,I-6, Relocated IAT,Duel Rear Tow Hooks,Custom Air Box Mods,3-3.5 lift F>R swap, 31x10.5,K&N, Xenon Lights, Quad Tail Lights, Insulated Air Box, Quadtrac NP249, POS Dana 30 in front and REAL POS Dana 35 in the rear, 3.73 in both
Sony MX610, Infinity 6 speaker setup with stock amp, Pheonix Gold QX2180 Amp, and 15" audiobahn in a ported box that Thumps(only 100W right now)
Futur Mods: Custom Front And Rear Bumpers, Revers Lights, Head Lamp upgrade, and BIGGER LIFT.
Mod in progress: Custom Stealth box for a 15", will post write up when finished.

I'm from canada, They think i'm slow.......eh??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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