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I have a flat deck I'm looking to trade, it's 2x pressure treated lumber on the deck and an old tent trailer frame underneath. it sits about 2 feet of the ground and has about 4'6 clear between the wheel wells. There's room in the wheel wells for larger tires. I've had it loaded down pretty heavy for a move and it was atleast 1000 lbs, the traler was fine but the old tires got me a bit worried, it all heald up fine though. The regi is good and is for a u-built, it has been insured an in use for the last year. It takes a 1 7/8 ball and is currently wired for a 4 flat connector, brake lights got smshed moving it around the yard but I'll fix those before the trade. I think you could load up 2 lighter quads and some junk no problem, 2 heavier quads would be OK with new better tires.

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What I'm looking for in trade is something atleast 4'x8' that can handle a gravel road of variable conditions, has decent ground clearance and tires and walls would be nice, allso needs a clean regi. I basically need seomthing good for a quad and a few other things with walls that can hold up a car topper boat. PM me or post and I'll PM you my phone nubmer, it's currently in mission.

Will consider trades +/- cash but would like to stick near equal values.

**edit moving this to the for sale section**
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