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FOR SALE: 1990 Toyota Ext. Cab
New Crate 3.0L LongBlock Engine! 20,000k
Solid Axel Swap -GM 10 front, GM 12 rear. HD Chromalloy inner axel shafts.
Detroit Ratchet Lockers Front & Rear.
Custom Lift from Local Shop, All New Suspension.
Bobbed Rear End with Custom Flat Deck Featuring Roll Bar and Spare Tire Mount.
All Around Disc Brakes

Front Drive Shaft (Chevy to Toyota U-Joint)
Windshield Replacement (Already Purchased Glass, Comes With)
Emergency Brake Installed (Older Chevy Camero Callipers Featuring E-Brake Support fit Rear Discs)
New Rear Lights Wired (Already Have Lights)
Mild to Moderate Rust Repair

Served as Daily Driver. Second Owner. At Approximately 200,000k I had the Engine
Replaced with a Brand New (Not Rebuilt) LongBlock at Sun Country Toyota. All New Pumps,
Timing Belt, Machined Heads, etc. After Messing around with Independent Front Garbage for about
a Year, I had a SAS job performed with Axels Coming off of a Large Blazer 4X4. After It was
Rolling, a Custom Heavy Duty Rear Flat Deck was Welded up. By This Point I have Already Doubled
my Budget and put the Build on Ice for Several Months. Now, LifeStyle Changes have forced me to
make a terrible Decision, and Im Taking a Tremendous Loss, Considering what it would be Worth
if I just finished it. So Again, While Still a "Project" Truck, its New Engine and Solid Drive-Train Make me want to sell it as a whole, and not part out. Well Over $15,000 Invested, Asking $4,000

250 571-4132 Ryan

or 250 372-3073 to leave message


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