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For Sale: Dana 80, and front dana 60 hubs for 10 lug swap...

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I have a rear dana 80 dually from a F-450 I think... has discs, and 10 lug hubs... I think they are 4.63 gears... looks to be in decent shape.

Also have a pair of dana 60 hubs, and hardware that match the rear diff for a front dana 60, or dana 70. ... 10 lug, dually spacing.

The lug spacing for these is 10 X 7.25" and I have 5 wheels, and can probably sourch 3 more... wheels are 16" dually wheels.

Also have the matching F-450 rear leaf packs... very heavy duty stuff.

If anyone is interested, PM me. or e-mail at [email protected]

I want to move this stuff, and pricing can be reasonable....


Located in Salmon Arm, bc.
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ttt Offers... ? Anyone have any need for this ?
what year f450 is all this off of?
I believe it's out of a late 80's early 90's, but I bought the whole setup not attached to a vehicle. I just wanted the front axle out of the package.
Front what I have reasearched, the Dana 70 front I got with the package was only available aftermarket 1988, 1989, and 1990... so I am guessing somewhere in there....

Motivated to move this stuff... have been checking out scrap prices even. Someone somewhere must want it, and have a use for it.
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