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2005 Jeep Rubicon

No accidents
1 owner
locking diffs
6 cyl
6 speed transmission
Black with Grey Hard Top. Tinted.

New Toyo tires
2 Tops (Hard & Soft)
Locking Console
Auto Dim & Nav Mirror
Hella Headlight Conversion kit
Locking Console
Fog Lights
Black with Grey Hard Top. Tinted.
New clutch


Will get pics soon ...
(pic here is same colors/rims)


*please email me, I get it quicker*



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He must not want to sell it because he can't even be bothered to figure out how much he wants, or even take a picture of the actual Jeep.

Lars should block newbies from posting in the for sale section. Lots of forums do this. Revscene practically makes you fill out a passport application to do it.

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There is not a minimum amount of posting for to post items for sale. Some guys don't frequent the board often and some just read and don't put there 2 cents.

Please read the for sale rules again and e-mail lars with any concerns:

For Sale Ads RULES (please read before posting)

Put your stuff in the appropriate forum.

---If it belongs on a Jeep, it belongs in Jeep For Sale. If it belongs on a Toyota, it belongs in Toyota For Sale... you get the idea. If you keep posting your brand specific stuff in here it will just be deleted instead of moved. If you post it in more than one forum the one that is in the inappropriate forum will be deleted.

Post your location.

---Better yet, put it in your profile.

Post a price.

Don't try to sell your stuff in someone else's post.

---Make your own post for your own junk.

Keep negative comments about the items being sold to yourself.

---If you don't agree with the condition as advertised, the quality, or anything else especially the price, email the seller and let them know. If you try and make an issue of it with them on here, you will get one warning. These classifieds are operated like a Buy N Sell and we prefer to keep any additional posts in the threads to questions about what is being sold.


---If you operate a private or commercial business venture, you need to email [email protected] before you start selling your stuff on here. We have sponsors who support this free bulletin board, and you're more than welcome to become one.

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