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Information I have gathered over the last 6-8 months:
As of April 2002, the Annual $27 FS site pass is gone. Cost more to administer the pass system than in brought in.
Forestry is abandoning their "remote" or "small" sites. They are getting out of the "recreation" business. It is not their core competency.
Their "pay" sites are being transfered. To where I do not know, but I guess BC Parks. It will be announced at a later date. One of BC Parks' core competencies is recreation.
Old sites with "liabilities" will be removed. <this costs money, so I doubt many tables, fire rings or outhouses will actually go>
Forestry and BC Parks are looking for user groups to take on maintaining remote, "non profitable" sites. None of the "profitable" sites are being abandoned. But there will be no supplies provided by forestry once existing stores run out. Not sure what will be provided by BC Parks at this time.
The groups I belong to (HOT4x4, 4WDABC, etc) have made inquiries to the ministries to find out what is being abandoned and determine what is of interest to us.
We receive no fees from forestry. Not sure what would come from Parks (the BC Parks situation is new this month).
We are volunteers and thus are limited by our number as to what we can actually do. But that is our only limitation, size. Want to help, join up. www.4wdabc.ca
Most of our maintenance runs are actually fun trail rides. So there is alot of play involved in the "work"
To the point of BC Parks situation the 4WDABC has been doing alot of information gathering. The direction we take and will be made at the AGM on March 16/17.


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