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I have a 2003 Frontier with plugged cats, I need to pull them, hollow them out and bolt them back on. This can take awhile since the bolts are usually rusted and in a hard to reach spot. I'll probably have to use a Sawsall to cut the bolts, bring the cat into a machine shop to get the stumps out while saving the threads, chisel out the cats and reattach. I also live in a townhouse complex in Vancouver which doesn't allow mechanical work in the parking spots. I need somewhere that I can do the work, and leave my truck for a couple of days while the machine shop does its thing, then another day to put it all back together.

Does anyone have a garage that they could lend out for a few days? I'd trade alot of homebrew for that priviledge, or some mechanical expertise. I have all my own tools and don't intend on spilling any fluids.

Let me know,
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