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Could be the cable is kinked or coming apart.

This might not be the same problem, but that's what happened to me just a couple days ago.

I was pulling onto the highway, and a guy in 'vette thought he could get into town 1.3 seconds faster by not letting me into the lane. Instead of slowing down a little he floored it and drove down the centre of the two lanes causing me to floor it because I thought he was going to hit me. Anyway, end rant... :*******

After I had put the pedal to the floor for a bit, and was in traffic, I eased off the gas, but the truck was still winding out at 5 grand. I got to the stop light, and it was still revving out. I pulled over, but couldn't find anything wrong. After wiggling the throttle linkage back and forth, everything seemed to be fine. I started it up again and it idled fine until I stepped on the gas again. It got stuck again, so I carefully drove home.

Once I got there, I had a closer look, and noticed that my cable was coming apart. It was fine when I used my hand to move the linkage because the cable wasn't moving inside the plastic shief, but when I used the gas pedal, the cable would move inside the shief, and get caught up by the tangled wire.

My personal mechanic (inside joke) dropped by the next day and replaced the cable with a spare I had kicking around.
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