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geo tracker lift kit

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hi, i got a 97 4dr tracker stock, i'm wondering how much a lift kit around 3" would cost, would i lose major ride quality because stock ain't that great to start with, how much do local shops for total install plus parts around vancouver ?? btw it is strictly for appearance i don't go 4x4'ing but wanna make my tracker look big :O
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Those little death traps are unstable enough stock. With a 3 inch lift you would be very top heavy, especially if you added larger rubber (stock sized tires would look stupid). I advise getting a govenor that limits you to speeds below 30km.
In other words ride quality would suck ass and be dangerous, especially if you are the typical kind of driver who adds 3" lifts strictly for show purposes. But I am sure that it can be done.
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I think you could probably find some stuff here..

88 4runner, 22RE with some minor stuff done to it
I put the 3" Calmini body. As for stablity probs, I put a 10.5 tire with offset rim and now it's more stable than it was stock.
Anyway for yours...
Part Number SK19604 fits 91-98 4 door Price $139.95 USD.

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