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Good mechanic

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I was wondering if anybody new a good mechanic for a sports car in the burnaby area.
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what kind of work and car?

89 yj major cash pit
Try Allan Autotech 6268 Beresord Street(just off Gilley) 451 1760. They work on alsorts of sports rx7 ,panterra, etc.

77 F250 w/35 BFG MT[gone to a better place :( ]
88 Bronco Eddie Bauer w31 Big O MT's( under construction :) to do some good wheeling)
I want to buy a car in burnaby and i want a reliable mechanic to check it over. Thanks again to all that reply
I've moved your post to the General section, where it will probably get more replies.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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