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Goodyear MTR v.s. Yokohama geolander MT

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Well its tire buying time for me and my 77 chevy. I am debating on theses two different brand tires. I have done a lot of research and think I have decided on the goodyears, but I figured I would ask the board and see what kind of input I could get from y'all. Thanks for your input.

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i have herd the geo's wear realy fast
the yopkohama's are a good tire, and they make one of the best high performance car tire's, but they have no comparison to the MT/R's in all ways, wear, mud, rock, and street performance, but they are far better in the snow than the mt/r

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I run the geolanders and I like them. I find that they grab nicely on the trail snow they are good asswell I will be selling these and running bfg's this summer.I want to run 35's so they will be for sale in August.


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I have the Geolanders an I love them. I only do trail, rock, sand and mud wheeling but not mud as in Stave Mud Pit stuff. I find I have decent traction provided I am not deep in mud as the treads tend to clog up; mind you I am physically unable to "spin" all 4 of my wheels with my tired, aged, little excuse for an engine.

These are not swampers of course, otherwise they are perfect for my driving. I don't hydroplane on the street, hear very little of the tires at hwy speeds, Air down and find gravel roads - chehalis Main, Stave Main - very comfortable at speed.

How fast do they wear?? Don't know they are 4 months old. Can't speak for other tire types.

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