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Over the last little while I've been noticing some high pitched clinking noises coming from the rear of my truck, and they have been increasing in frequency. They usually only occur when I'm starting out, and seem to go away when I'm constant on the throttle in 3rd gear.

I crawled under there yesterday because it was getting really bad and checked all of the u-joints and they seem to be fine. The steady bearing is almost new, and I don't think the noises are coming from my 205 or the tranny. So I'm left with the rear end somewhere.

Could anyone who has had their G80 grenade on them tell me what the warning sings were, if any. I'm gonna drain the diff and take a look today but any help would be possible.

Oh yeah, and last weekend I really worked that damn gov-locker getting off of some rocks; having to gas it enough until the thing locks up and such.


1978 GMC 3/4T 350/465/205 dents scratches some mods and 265/75/16 BFG M/T
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