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Harrison Hotsprings Trail Info

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Can anyone give me any info about a trail to some hotsprings around Harisson? Maybe Pictures too?

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I was down there early november, and the road to the trailhead is 2wd-able. The trailhead (read: top of road to go down) is blocked up pretty thoroughly. You won't be driving down to it. It is a short hike (maybe 200 meters) down a steep hill. When you get to the bottom, go straight ahead to the creek: there is a log to walk down which is coated with asphalt shingles to walk down. If you try to follow the trail to the left across the small hotspring flow, you will just end up above the spring pools, and have to go back around anyway.

The springs are two pools about 8-12 feet in diameter, about 2 feet deep in places. It looks like they are created by rocks and plastic tarp. But they seem very nice. Not too hot, but hot enough.

Lots of camping spots at the top of the hill (trailhead). Could use a little cleanup though... fricking people leaving trash in their campsites! What is up with that? You come 3 hours out of town to a beautiful natural hotspring, and you leave trash? Does it LOOK like there is regular garbage trucks coming in the area?

There is also St. Agnes Wells, up the mainline another 10-15 km. It is right off the mainline, just after the little Skookumchuck settlement. Big honking sign on the west side of the road facing north. Large free campground there, clean campground, a couple of tubs to soak in with half-a-frames to cover them. The spring is at the back of the area. It looks very much like you would expect a natural hotspring to look like, but there is far too much slime in it to soak in there... and it is too hot.

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