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Hello, I think this is my first post. I've lived in the city for a few years now but I kept my truck on the island. I recently brought it to the mainland and am looking forward to meeting some people to wheel with. I have a full sized Jimmy with 4 inches of lift on 33's, a fresh 350/th400 combo. The truck runs great but it does have a couple of issues that I would like to resolve. First, I would like to get new leafs for the back to replace the blocks. Second, the np208 is a little tired and i would like to replace it with a 203 or 205. I have decent knowledge about wrenching but i am definatly not an expert. Can anyone recomend someone to build the leafs for me. Also, I dont have shop access so if anyone wants to help out with these issues I would gladly pay for your assistance. If anyone is interested in this please get back to me. Thanks for reading.
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