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howdy, Graham!
welcome to this side of the world, buddy
your tray is "tres" cool

do you ever get "cramped" feeling in a truck that has no space to recline the seat, or stow stuff that would not fair well out in the elements?
i've always loved the look of the tray back models,(especially ones that have a second fuel tank underneath)but have wondered about feeling claustrophobic in such a small cabin.
damn, they look cool though

A.K.A. uzi9mm

Hey, hows it going eh?
Nice rig... it's cool to see Zuk's are appreciated all over this fine planet!!

'94 Chev 1/2ton 6"ProComp
'89 Sidekick 3" body, 31'S
513's, E-Z Locker
1 - 3 of 3 Posts