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I'm coming 2 the coast

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I'm gonna be there on the 16th through the 20th and want 2 go diggin' with you guys. Were going on holidays and want 2 roll in your playground. If you guys can set up a trip on the 17th that would rock. I'v not had a chance 2 go wheelin' in that part of the province since westwood race track closed down. I know it's been a while but now it's gonna happen. Post back and let me know if can happen. I'm open 2 any options. THANX

88 Ranger 4inch sup lift 3 inch body swaped in 4.0 8.8 rear dana 35 up front 33 12.50 swampers
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Hey man, i need a favour,,, what part of van are you going to?? is there any way you could fit in 3 feet of exhaust into your truck on the way back? i need someone to bring down a performance exhaust for me. thanks

slightly modified pathfinder, still 235 tires soon to grow into 31's. Always remembering to KEEP THIS SIDE UP
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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