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Importing a military trailer from US into Canada

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Has anyone successfully done this? If so what are the steps? Is it any different than a regular trailer?
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Why would it be different?
military vehicles are not allowed to be exported from the u.s.

i don't know if they clasify a trailer as a vehicle....
Surely someone must have looked into this or tried to import a military trailer? I tried to search online with no luck. It is not a military motorized vehicle so we must be able to import?
I've done it twice. If you do it right its as easy as piss. Where are you buying the trailer from? If you don't want all the info public send me a p/m with your #
Hi guys, I am new to BC4x4. Just wondering if anyone has any further insight into importing military trailers to Canada / BC. I am looking to import a M101A3 made in 1993. The trailer is >15 years old and exempt from RIV requirements. It does not have a "statement of compliance" or "manufacturers letter of certification". Any ideas whether this would be ok to import and register in BC? thanks
I have a m1101 trailer in Washington, how do I bring it into BC and register it?
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