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haha. my father just caught the bug.

I picked up Allans old body lift yesterday and here's this mornings conversation:

him: what's the body lift do?
me: cheapest way for me to stop the tires from eating the fenders
him: why did he get rid of it?
me: he has a 4" spring lift, a dana 44 in the back, so he decided to do a spring over and nwo he doesn't need the body lift anymore, so I bought it from him
him: what's a spring over?
me: <basically I tell him about normal axles/springs on jeeps and then point out that the soa will make it like his12" dodge ram that he bought last year (he bought it used and beats the thing to hell. He runs a construction company)>
him: Really? Jeeps have the axle on TOP of the spring? That doesn't make any sense. We should do something about that.

He caught the bug. Now to steal a couple of axles from an old truck of his, have his company fork over a sye kit and use his mech's shop when I'm in Alberta next week. Life is good.

And to think he used to wonder why I spend so much money on the thing.

It's a Jeep thing. He finally understands.
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