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I have the IRO 3.5" lift kit for a ZJ and am thinking about swapping it out for a IRO long arm kit in May...only maybe six months old but I'm starting to think about more extreme options as a result of a lot of overtime lately. The lift was between $800-$900 after taxes, shipping , brokerage and exchange. It retails on their site for $474.99 US. I paid to upgrade the springs for my v8 so you get a little extra lift there too. I upgraded to the doetesch 8000 shocks for an additional $100 as well. Just wanted to see if there is any interest that would make it worth while for me to swap out rather than just upgradeing whats already there. I'm thinking around $500, believe me you can't get it yourself for anything close to that...****ing UPS
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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