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just got my truck today..............yahoo. NEWBIE questions

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how wide of a tire can i put on my 8" rims??
and where can i find:
-2 15x8 6 bolt cheepo steel rims? {6 bolt toyota}
-3" boady lift kit
-3" dash mounted tachomitor {run off the igniter}
-2 battery conversion kit {2 phase/cycle?}
-cheap used "death lights" for night bashing

oh ya i am on the island and DONT want to go to van to pick stuff up

any help would be great

email me at [email protected]

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Hi Simon and welcome to the board. I can't offer the answer to all your questions but you can easily fit 12.5" wide tires on your 8" rims. I believe Lordco sells some cheap tach's, as well as body lifts. For lights on my truck I run 4 30w farm implement lights (2 floods, 2 spots) so that I don't need covers. Picked them up for $12 a piece at a local (mainland, sorry) truck shop. Hope that helps a bit!

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for the tach, just go to crappy tire. I got one there for $50 and it works great and loock pretty good to. It's 2 5/8" diameter. You can get it is black or chrome. It's the sun Super tach II. I think it also comes in a 3 3/8" diameter.

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