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levette/hut lake

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I'm thinking of going to check out hut lake (squamish) this weekend, what i'm I in for? How rough is the trail? I have limited wheelin' experience and I don't want to get stuck up there. Any info would be appreciated

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Originally posted by Doug:
Where exactly is hut lake? I have been to squamish many many times and I have heard lots about hut lake. I am getting bored of Eagle. Would anyone mind letting me know? If you don't want to post it then shooot me an e-mail at [email protected]
I also would like to know how to get there. I've heard of Hut Lake a number of times. I wouldn't mind taking a run up there in a few weeks after by buddy insures his toy. If somebody could email me directions, it'd be much apreciated. [email protected]

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