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Everything is in Langley from a 2 door tracker. Please Just email me [email protected] dot ca if you are interested in anything. Thanks.

Soft Top pieces
Bikini top Black (not in pic) $50 with hardware & pieces.

Wiper Motor $10
Blower Motor $10 -SOLD
Stock Coil springs $20
Window regulator $5
Cluster Trim piece Free if you buy the cluster

Misc. Trim pieces (cig tray, inside door trim piece, misc. soft top bits-they go with bikini top)
Shifter $5
KC light covers IIRC they are for 6" Free
Couple of hoses **FREE

Charcoal Canister $5
Set of taillights good shape(second taillamp was in another box) $10
Cluster with TACH , 230K ISH on the clock SOLD
Multifunction switch with INT wipers- SOLD
Master cylinder $20
Gas door (pink) $5
Trim piece I believe to fill in space for single din aftermarket deck Free
Misc. seals, possibly for sunroof area & back or doors Offers, I a not 100% what each seal is for. lol

Brand new spare tire cover $5
Seal for the back area (hard top) $10
Misc. interior trim pieces. $10 for all (I think they are from a higher trim level sidekick)


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Candace you wouldn't happen to have (or know someone with a good deal on) the heater box thing.

I mean the whole plastic shroud behind the center of the dash where the heater core sits and the heater control cables attach????
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