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Maiden voyage of my blazer

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This weekend i took out my blazer for the first time, and to my surprise had a blast and sustained minumul damage. We went 4xin all around kamloops' trails, and my stock blazer kept up to an 88toy with muds, 2002 ranger with off road pkg and even 2 jeeps with 33's and drivetrain mods, totally pumped, i buried it twice, both time getting out on my own with a couple of tricks, and all i damaged was both my mufflers, form not knowing my trucks height and stance yet, no big deal, gotta get 2 new full exhausts put on manifolds back, but it was totally worth it. Anyone around kamloops ready to come out and play at all, just minor wheelin, still have alot of work to do before i get back in the game

It's notugly, it's a beautiful work in progress, and yes the rust is supposed to be there!
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