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I'm looking at getting a 72 Jimmy with a blown 350 and a shot tranny. I'm not to knowledgable with anything other than Toyota's so anything to look out for or to be aware of would be a great help. I'm picking it up for $1800 and it's almost rust free and seems to be in great shape, except the motor and tranny is gone for good. Thanks alot.

1981 Short Box Toyota, 3in trailmaster body lift, brand new ES3000's and a single ES2000, marshal 33's, hooker header, K&N filter and a good old cb radio.

If its been wheeled, look for crack(s) in the frame around where the steering box bolts to it.
Check the condition of the studs that hold the back shocks to the frame, they work loose and elongate the holes.
Thats the only things that I know 'cause they happened to me.
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