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Comfort is a big thing in my books ... My Daily driver had stock seats (check in the for sale section ) that just didnt suite my purpose , So I found some /89 SR5 7 ways , and went to work

I tore off the original covers , because they were torn as usual , and sent the covers out for repair . While they were apart , I took the oppertunity to refurbush the works . Rust treated all the metal parts including the "hog ring" hangers , and then zinc'd and painted .
I recieved the covers back from the upolster , and installed the repaird covers . It actually didnt take that long , I did both seats , after work , in 2 hours , that included beer breaks :clown . I installed them about 3 days ago now , and what a difference ..... I like . Just thought I would share .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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