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NEED ADVICE-Slight lean on '02 Wrangler

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I just purchased a 2002 Wrangler and I notice when sitting in the drivers
seat, it appears that it leans a bit to the right. Meaning that the right
front sits a bit lower than the left.

I decided to take a actual measurement of the distance between the tire and
the fender. It seems to be about 1/2-3/4 inch lower on the passenger side
in the front. The rear is fine. Now 3/4 inch is not much, but being this
is my first Jeep, I was concerned. I took it in to the dealer and both the
service dept and the body shop ran some tests and said everything looks
fine. They also said it is not abnormal, but it just seems off when

My question is this, has anyone else in this group[ experienced anything
like this, and do you think it is something that I should worry about?

Thanks in advance,

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Not much good can be said about DC's quality control and customer service. I have read stories on other bullitan boards that sound just like yours. As a matter of fact, my XJ sits about 1/2 inch shorter on the passangers side rear. It's under warranty and I brought it back to the dealership 3 times. The first couple of times they said it was within specs. The third time I asked to see the specs they were referring to, and wouldn't you know it....the service manager says to me that there aren't really any specs for that particular information........I love my Xj and have had other Jeeps in the past (CJ's), but this will be the last! I especially would never buy one new.
My $0.02

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It's not unusual, but there's no reason to put up with it.
Be totally sure that the Jeep is level when you measure it, since even a slight change in angle can make the Jeep lean.
If you have tripple checked it and it definately leans that much then ask your dealer to insert a second spring "isolator" (spacer) on the low side to level it. Under warrenty of course.

Chris S.
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That's pretty normal but if it is new and under warranty I wouldn't let them get away with it. You have a warranty, nows your chance to use it.

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If you add another isolator you are not addressing the problem,only the result of the problem.do you have a/c?is there a plastic tape/tag on the coil with a part #?have your dealer check the code on the spring against your build sheet[ they can pull it up on line]and see if it is correct for your application[4 or 6,a/c or no]
good luck
lean... i thought someone owed money on it.....

1988 YJ Laredo
Yes I do have AC and it's a 6....does that make a difference?
yep they'll use springs with different rates for your vehicle as opposed to say a bone stock 4cyl model ... reasoning here is someone on the factory line may have popped in the wrong spring for the application.
UPDATE on Lean Issue.

Well, after a few go-rounds with the dealer and getting one of the service reps to actually drive the vehicle, they ordered a spring for replacement. Come to find out, this is the way it works; Chrysler will allow only 3/4 or above to be replaced. On the alignment rack mine was just under 3/4" off, anything below that is considered acceptable by their standards. If the dealer replaces something that is within Chrysler’s specs, and Chrysler tests the supposedly defective part, the dealer has to take the loss, which is probably why it was like pulling teeth to get them to replace it.

I will post the outcome of this whole ordeal once the spring is replaced.

Thanks again for all the input...I may have just accepted the dealers excuse if it wasn't for some of the posts here.
Good for you, man. It would have been a shame to spend that much money on a new rig and have to grind your teeth in anger every time you look at it and think that DC wouldn't do anything to help you out!

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UPDATE- The dealer replaced the spring.....problem solved! I am a happy camper!

Thanks for all the advise guys!


'02 Saraha...My first Jeep :)
glad to help! man, I wish I had a new TJ to complain about!
lean... i thought someone owed money on it.....
That would be a "lein"

Phil M. - Kent, WA
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