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So I bought a truck camper that needs some repair and I want to get it into my carport so I can tear it down and rebuild it. Problem is my old powerwagon is too tall to fit in the carport with the camper on. Looking to borrow a flat deck trailer to put camper on and then use my jeep to back the camper down into carport (my driveway is down a hill in my backyard into my below grade carport). The camper is currently on blocks in my back yard so the whole thing should literally take about 30 minutes. Camper is an 8ft non cab over Alaskan that weighs approx 1000lbs. Just to be clear the trailer is not going to be used to transport the camper on the road, just in my backyard, total distance of about 50ft.

Ideally looking for someone local in Coquitlam or Burnaby who's willing to swing by my house (como lake and clarke rd area) with their trailer and hang out for 30 mins or so while I get this done. I'm offering a 15 pack of beer or $25 cash for your troubles. reply here or pm me if you can help me out.

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