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Well, if the engine is salvagable and there are no rust-though holes in the tub you could get it running, slap a Maco paint job on it, and get $5,000 for it easy around here.

OTOH if it's just scrap to the guy and he knows you he might be happy to take $500.00
Even if it turns out to be junk you could re-sell it for parts for that much.

Reminds me of one time my dad and I aproached a farmer about a 57 Chevy Bel-Air he had in his field. We asked him what it would be worth to him for us to take it away. He said it wasn't realy in the way, but he'd give us $50.00 to haul it to the dump
. We had to argue with him to get him to take $300.00 from us for it.

Chris S.
2002 KJ - staying stock (almost)
2000 TJ - 2" suspension lift, 1/2" body lift, assorted skids, hooks, rock rails, rock lights, 33" BFG MTs, custom bumper, Warn 8274
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