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My wife's longtime friend had a CJ-5 when they were teeneagers about 15 years ago. About 10 years ago she got in a small crash, and got it fixed. All the same, she wouldn't drive it any more and she sold it to her father who proceeded to park it in his front yard ever since.
It's a 78 CJ-5, the body doesn't look to bad other than the rust from sitting for 10 years in the open. I give the body a 6/10.
It obviously doesn't run. The 35" mud tires that are on it have been flat for 10 years also, so new tires are in order.
What do you think it has for an engine? It must be a V8. Dunno, I would be guessing really.
I'm thinking of buying it from the old guy, he has no idea yet. I'll just show up on his door and offer some cash to him.
How much do you think? $300-500?
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