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Oil Consumpotion

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Ok I have no leak, and I am abseloutly positive of that. I don't have oil in the coolant and I don't have coolant in the oil. I am also not burning it as I just passed air care and see no smoke at all. Every 2-3 weeks I have to add 1/2 to 3/4 of a litre of oil to my motor. It is a 1985 22re, anyone have any idea where this oil is going?
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Sounds normal to me.
Hell it's better than mine at least!

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1/2 a quart a month is quite normal.
it gets burned up in the chamber, gets past the rings from the bottom, lubricates the cylinder walls, then burns up cause of the heat, ect.

I used to have a 89 toy Camry with the V6 (2.5L?). It didn't leak oil but burned the oil just as fast as your is. It also passed air care as if it didn't burn oil, and no blue smoke they just seem to eat oil. I think it is just a toy thing

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yup, I've had a couple 22re's, both just made some oil disappear every month.
tho, my buddy has one in his 4runner, over 200,000kms on it, and it never uses a drop. every once in a while he pulls out the dipstick, and the oil looks new.

nothin that works
got you beat had a supra that would go through about 6 to 8lt a month.

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doug, i made the exact same post a little while back. i have a 92 22re and have to fill it up as much as once a week.

it's a jeep thing, no one understands...
I had to top it up again today. I have no clue where it is going. It is not in my coolant and still no blue, no leak.
I've herd that if your timeing is out you can consume some oil, mine is 22r and it takes about a 1/4 of a litre a month. Are you sure there isn't a little puff of blue when you start it up?

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Yes I am very very sure.
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